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Silulo Ulutho Technologies is a fast-growing technology company that provides its clients in townships and rural areas with affordable Computing Devices. Empowering clients by giving them access to the global digital world and teaching them how to operate within it. Silulo Ulutho Technologies is well-established and has been in operation for over a decade with 42 stores in main centres and outlined areas in the Western, Eastern Cope and KwaZulu Natal and each one of them has an IT Center and a Training centre.

Silulo business solutions is an extension of Silulo Ulutho technologies with Luvuyo Rani as CEO, the co-founder and marketing director at Silulo devoted to providing excellent business solutions to its clients by pioneering business solutions across South Africa. Silulo business solutions has the ability to deal with technological needs and offer a complete range of services such as security, cloud services,connectivity and E-commerce.

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Business Services

The company provides a number of business solutions

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Our Services

Silulo Business Solutions provides a number of different services to its customers

Website Design

We design only the best and good looking websites for any type of business

Business Systems

Need a fast working, reliable system for your business? We take pride in providing our clients with only the best bussiness systems ever.

Business Incubator

We also provides affordable space, shared offices and services, hand-on management training, marketing support and, often, access to some form of financing.

Corporate Identity

We create the self-image of a company, and that includes all strategic measures that contribute to the desired image.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies

We provide affordable computer, internet and mobile- phone services and training in rural and township areas.We improve employability and entrepreneurship by giving people access to the global digital world, and teaching them how to operate within it.


Our happy clients

Below are some of our clients which were very impressed and happy about our work

Bright Rhudulu Constructors

SG Engineering

Eugines Shuttle Service

We Provide the best Bussiness Services

Comprehensive and Affordable Services


Our Partners



The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) is an agency of the Department of Small Business Development


The mission of the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) is to promote sustainable economic development in the Eastern Cape through focused provision of innovative development finance and leveraging of resources, strategic alliances, investment and partnerships.

Eastern Cape Municipalities

Silulo Ulutho has worked very much with the Eatern Cape municipalities, almost all of them in creating and making sure that there is development in the Eastern Cape and that every business gets good quality services